Originally Published by: The Toledo Blade (Blade Staff)

Date: March 4, 2015

Danny Brown has again filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for wrongful imprisonment.

Mr. Brown, 59, submitted the suit late today in Lucas County Common Pleas Court. He said witnesses and DNA evidence corroborate his claims of innocence.

“There has been plenty of cases where DNA has overruled eyewitness testimony, regardless of what the person is saying,” Mr. Brown said. “Because ultimately the science is telling the truth, and the individual eyewitness was faulty in their testimony.”

Mr. Brown was convicted of the December, 1981, murder of Bobbie Russell at 111 Birmingham Terrace Apartments in Toledo. His conviction was vacated in April, 2001. He served about a 19-year prison term.

His attorney, Patrick Quinn, of Columbus, said a previous lawsuit was unsuccessful because of a claim that the crimes he was convicted of would would be tried again in court.

“I think certainly time has shown that to be untrue,” Mr. Quinn said.

Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates said prior to the news conference she cannot comment without having yet been served with the lawsuit.

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